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Did You Know?
Our SRU waste heat recovery units (flue gas condensers) can typically raise your boiler or appliance efficiency to 90-95% and reduce your energy costs by 10-15%.

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“We were actually able to stop running two 3,300,000 BTU boilers due to the increased efficiency of the boiler with the condenser.”
Kevin Doyle
Growers Transplanting, Inc.

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Our Exclusive Guarantee:
"You will be 100% Satisfied with the Money Saved, CO2, Reduced Water Conserved, and our truly exceptional Service, or I'll buy the unit back from you - period.
Sid Abma, Owner

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Our visitors come from all over the world.

There’s nothing we love more than helping our clients save money while making the world a better place. To discover how we did it for other companies and organizations just like yours, check out the Success Stories below - written by some of our clients in their own words…

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Georgia Gulf Chemical & Vinyl, LLC
Aberdeen, MS

Our company purchased a Sidel SRU 400-80 condensing economizer from Marspec in 2010. Today it operates on an 80,000 pound/hr boiler, but was sized to also handle the exhaust flow of a second boiler of 40,000 lb/hr in the future.

The economizer has run without requiring any maintenance, and has worked effectively in the time since it was installed. I was really surprised when I saw how much condensate was being produced, and the savings in natural gas costs have been substantial. 

Our Condensing Economizer includes a Sidel Therm & CO2 Counter that confirms how much energy is being recovered, and how much CO2 my company is not putting into the atmosphere. Investing in this money-saving technology has been good for the environment and good for our bottom line, and thanks to the folks at Sidel Systems we've had a fantastic experience as well!

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“Reforestation Company Heats 20% Of Their Growing Facility ‘At Essentially No Cost’ For More Than 20 Years
(And Counting)!”

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Pelton Reforestation Ltd.
Maple Ridge, British Columbia

“In 1986 our company used Sidel Systems to design and install a complete hot water heating system in our 135,000 sq./ft. greenhouse. The system was comprised of 51mm heating loops, headers with computer controlled mixing valves, and a 500 HP gas fires Cleaver Brooks Boiler outfitted with a matching flue gas condenser unit. Over the next 3 years we added additional greenhouse space and the boiler and condenser now serve a total of 375,000 sq./ft. The system has operated flawlessly since the initial installation and we are very happy with the total cost of ownership.

The flue gas condenser unit is an integral part of the system, providing C0
2 reduction and substantial energy savings. Through judicious use of the condenser we have been able to heat 20% of our growing area for essentially no cost. This has translated into huge energy savings for our company.

Over the years the energy savings has paid for the condenser unit many times over. Maintenance of the unit has been minimal on a yearly basis, but after 18 years of service the lower portion of the unit built from cordon steel required replacement. This was easily achieved in a few days with our own staff doing the welding. The waterside of the condenser containing stainless steel fin pipes is still in perfect condition and is still in use today. Our next project will definitely include another Sidel Systems SRU Condenser unit!”

Steve Pelton
Owner, Pelton Reforestation.
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“Linen Supply Company Lowers Energy Costs As Promised, Reduces C02 Emissions, And Saves Big – In Both Expected And Surprising Ways.”

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Mission Linen Supply
Santa Barbara, California, USA

“A number of years ago Sid Abma of Sidel Systems USA Inc. approached us with his Sidel SRU flue gas heat recovery unit. I think that we, like most companies, considered it; but we took no action for some time. Finally a situation developed that made it beneficial for us to try this unit. We purchased a unit and had it installed in July of 2006. A second unit is in the process of being installed at a different location, and we expect it to be operating by the end of July 2007. We have also committed to purchase 3 more units to be installed in 2007.

In the one installed unit, we are experiencing the energy savings as was estimated by Sid. Since we have reduced the load on the boiler, we are also experiencing savings on the cost of boiler chemicals.

We used to operate our direct fired heater continuously at high fire. Now it is mostly running on low fire, and only occasionally does it go on high fire. Thus this change has provided Mission Linen with additional heat capacity, if needed, without having to purchase any new equipment.

Mission Linen Supply is committed to its goal of improving the environment. The Sidel SRU flue gas heat exchanger is definitely helping us accomplish this. Not only is our facility more energy efficient, but it is also emitting less pollutants, while operating at a lower cost.”

Saul Rackauskas
Environmental Engineer
Mission Linen Supply

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“Die-Hard Skeptic Shocked To Discover That Everything Sid Abma Told Him About The Benefits Of An SRU Condenser Unit Is True!”

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Growers Transplanting, Inc.
Salinas, California, USA

“Sidel Systems approached us about six years ago with a proposal to help reduce our natural gas heating bills by installing one of their SRU condensers. I was very skeptical. I had heard claims from vendors for everything from retractable curtains to boiler tubulators and found them to be greatly exaggerated with respect to fuel savings.

However, two years ago when we needed to replace a 400 HP boiler we decided to have Sid do the job and include a flue gas condenser.

The effects were surprising to say the least. We were actually able to stop running two 3,300,000 BTU boilers due to the increased efficiency of the boiler with the condenser.

I was so impressed that we installed a second condenser on a boiler at one of our other facilities. This year we installed a third condenser, an SRU 50 from Sidel and it’s working every day saving us even more money.

This is without a doubt, in my opinion, the most efficient and cost effective way to cut fuel costs. Thanks to Sid Abma and Sidel Systems for a fantastic product and first rate service and installation!”

Kevin Doyle
Growers Transplanting, Inc.

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“Washington Grower Uses Previously Wasted Energy To Provide ‘Free Heat’ To A 26,000 Sq./Ft. Space!"

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Smith Gardens, Inc.
Bellingham, Washington, USA

“In 1993, Sid Abma installed a new 350 HP boiler along with his SRU stack recovery condenser, to heat a section of our greenhouses in Bellingham, Washington. While the boiler requires yearly service and maintenance, the condenser requires no maintenance. It just sits on the floor next to the boiler and gives us free heat.

Sid was able to pipe the condenser in a way that takes maximum advantage of its capabilities. It provides floor heating for an entire 26,000 square foot zone. Without this unit, that heat would have been wasted up the stack.

We wouldn’t be without it. It has saved us a lot of energy dollars.”

Jim Bajema
Corporate Facilities Manager
Smith Gardens, Inc.
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“Business Owner Discovers ‘Invaluable’ Resource In Sid Abma, While Greatly Reducing Natural Bas Bills.”

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Coast Nurseries, Inc.
Somis, California, USA

“Our facility has been working with Sidel Systems over the past five years. With each improvement we’ve made, Sid’s expertise has been invaluable. The equipment he has installed has helped to greatly reduce our natural gas bills. The greatest savings were when we removed nine smaller boilers and Sid replaced them with a new 350 HP fire-tube boiler and his flue gas condensing waste heat recovery unit.

We know now that our boiler is operating at well over 90% efficiency, and we are saving big time.

Southern California Gas has also been great in providing rebates for installing the higher efficiency systems and this equipment. Sid has been a pleasure to work with, and has become more than a contractor…he has become a friend.”

Jim Steger
Coast Nurseries, Inc.
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