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By increasing the energy efficiency of your natural gas boiler or appliance, we take money that was literally “going up the flue” and put it right into your pocket as new found profits.


“This is without a doubt, in my opinion, the most efficient and cost effective way to cut fuel costs.”
Kevin Doyle
Growers Transplanting, Inc.


Our Exclusive Guarantee:
"You will be 100% Satisfied with the Money Saved, CO2, Reduced Water Conserved, and our truly exceptional Service, or I'll buy the unit back from you - period.
Sid Abma, Owner


“How You Can Increase Your Profits By Reducing Your Energy Costs”

You may already know this, but if your business or organization has a natural gas or LP boiler or appliance, a significant amount of wasted energy is being exhausted in your flue gas. In fact 15-20% or more of the energy originally available is literally "going up in smoke”. Not only are you wasting energy every hour of every day, you’re also losing money – which is something nobody can afford to do, especially in this economy.

Thankfully, there is something you can do about it. Our SRU Heat Recovery Condensers capture nearly all of the energy potential exhausted in the flue gases and turns it into usable heat. This typically raises your boiler or appliance efficiency to 90-95% and reduces your energy costs by 10-15%. Imagine what you could do if you could take that money and put it back in your company’s pocket. Every dollar saved is untapped profit that will help you boost your company’s bottom line.

Here’s an example to give you an idea of how much money you could save by partnering with us:
For a typical 250 HP natural gas fired boiler operating with an exhaust gas temperature of 410°F and 15% excess combustion air the efficiency is approximately 80%. The fuel input is approximately 10.5 million BTU/hr, and 20% of the fuel's total energy is going up the chimney. By incorporating a SRU waste heat recovery system to produce 100°F water, about 15% of the fuel's original energy can be recovered. If the boiler operates for an equivalent of 6,000 full load hours per year, and natural gas costs $.70 per therm, the annual savings realized from a SRU waste heat recovery system would be:
10.5M BTU/hr x 15% x 6,000hrs/yr x $7.00/M BTU* = $66,150 (* 1 M BTU = 10 therm)

This high rate of savings allows our units to pay for themselves in a short amount of time and continue to save you money for many years to come. Our first units were installed in the early 1980's and are still saving our client money to this day! All of our units come with a 7 year guarantee, and typically deliver exceptional performance long after that.

Another great feature of the SRU heat recovery systems is that they have no moving parts to wear out, are self cleaning on the flue gas side, and are virtually maintenance free - which means you won’t have expensive service and repair costs to worry about in the future.

Of course, the key to successfully saving money with our systems is putting the recovered heat to use. Two primary uses for recovered heat are domestic water heating and space comfort heating. Other uses include laundry wash water, industrial process water and district heating systems, or even swimming pools.
Virtually any business, company or organization with a natural gas boiler or heating appliance can save energy and money with our units, including:

Greenhouses - Hospitals and Health Centers - Food Processing Plants - Schools and Universities – Commercial Laundries - Breweries – Prisons - Hotels - Wineries - Government Buildings - Swimming pools - Textile Plants - Pulp and Paper Facilities – And Many More!

As you can see, a Sidel Systems SRU Heat Recovery System has the potential to save you money in a big way, by cutting your energy costs and putting the money you’re guaranteed to save right back into your bottom line.

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