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Did You Know?
By reducing the volume of flue exhaust gasses being released, our units automatically lower your C02 emissions – all while saving you money at the same time!


“Mission Linen Supply is committed to our goal of improving the environment. The Sidel SRU flue gas heat exchanger is definitely helping us accomplish this. Not only is our facility more energy efficient, but it is also emitting less pollutants, while operating at a lower cost.”
Saul Rackauskas
Mission Linen Supply


Our Exclusive Guarantee:
"You will be 100% Satisfied with the Money Saved, CO2, Reduced Water Conserved, and our truly exceptional Service, or I'll buy the unit back from you - period.
Sid Abma, Owner


“How You Can Significantly Reduce C02 Emissions While Saving Money And Attracting New Customers”

Did you know that since 1958 the concentration of C02 in the atmosphere has risen nearly 25% (from 315.71ppm to 392.94ppm), and will continue to rise at an ever-increasing rate if drastic action is not taken? You probably already know that C02 emissions are the primary concern related to Global Warming - an issue that is of great importance to numerous governments, corporations and major organizations worldwide, along with a significant percentage of the general population.

You may be like us and share a commitment to doing everything we can to protect our environment for future generations. But even if you don’t, there are 2 other major reasons that you should care about Global Warming: the government agencies that regulate your industry do, and most importantly, many of YOUR customers do.
And right now, if you own a natural gas boiler or appliance and don’t have a Heat Recovery Condenser like the ones we manufacture, C02 is being unnecessarily pumped into the atmosphere through your flue gasses - every minute of every day. Not only is this genuinely bad for the environment, it’s also a major problem to many of the people you want to do business with this year.

The US Department of Energy states, For every million BTU's recovered from these waste exhaust gases, and utilized back in the building or facility, 118 lbs of CO
2 will NOT be emitted into the atmosphere.

The bottom line is that whether you advance or hinder your status as a “green” company or organization may have a critical influence on your future financial success. Those who prove themselves to be global leaders in C0
2 reduction will enjoy the respect and loyalty of many of their customers, while those who don’t may see those same customers take their business elsewhere.

Thankfully, there is something we can do to significantly reduce your C02 emissions while saving you money at the same time. You see, as our SRU Heat Recovery Condensers capture most of the energy potential exhausted in flue gasses and turn it into usable heat, they also reduce your C02 emissions simultaneously. So while our units are increasing your energy efficiency and saving you money, they’re also making you a “greener” company - something that your customers will love you for.

Here’s an example to give you an idea of how much money you could save by partnering with us:
For a typical 400 HP natural gas fired boiler operating with an exhaust temperature of 400°F and 15% excess combustion air, the efficiency is approximately 80%. The fuel input is approximately 16,790 million BTU/HR, and 20% of the fuels total energy is going up the chimney. By incorporating a SRU waste heat recovery system to produce 100°F water, about 15% of the fuel's original energy can be recovered. If the boiler operates for an equivalent of 6,000 full load hours per year, and natural gas costs $.65 per therm, the annual savings realized from a SRU waste heat recovery system would be: 16.790M BTU/hr x 15% x 6,000 hrs/yr x $6.50 /M BTU* = $ 98,221.50 (*1 M BTU = 10 therm) 
Remember, all of this C02 reduction is happening while we also save you many thousands of dollars in energy costs at the same time!

Investing in a Sidel SRU Heat Recovery System is not only a great way to save money and help the environment - it’s also great for increasing customer loyalty and expanding your customer base.

When you choose to reduce your C02 emissions and help fight global warming, you become a hero to every person, organization and agency who knows about your company and cares about this important issue – especially your customers! They really will appreciate your efforts to conserve energy and reduce your “carbon footprint”, and they will reward you for it – with continued loyalty and by telling their friends and family to do business with you as well.

This truly is a “win-win” opportunity no matter how you look at it. That’s why we invite you to take the next small step and get your FREE, no-obligation Info Packet. The packet is loaded with much more information than we can present here, and includes everything you need to decide if our money-saving, world-changing, profit-generating solutions are right for you. There’s so much to gain and nothing to lose, so don’t wait – call or email us to request your free Info Packet today! click here>>