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Did You Know?
By increasing the energy efficiency of your natural gas boiler or appliance, we take money that was literally “going up the flue” and put it right into your pocket as new found profits.

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“This is without a doubt, in my opinion, the most efficient and cost effective way to cut fuel costs.”
Kevin Doyle
Growers Transplanting, Inc.

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Our visitors come from all over the world.

A Gas Fired Boiler or Appliance
With A Sidel Flue Gas Condensing Economizer Will:

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Increase profits by
reducing energy costs


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Create water
from the flue gas


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Significantly reduce
2 emissions

Our Exclusive Guarantee:
"You will be 100% Satisfied with the Money Saved, CO2, Reduced Water Conserved, and our truly exceptional Service, or I'll buy the unit back from you - period.
Sid Abma, Owner

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your Energy Efficiency projects happen.
They will finance Energy Savings projects to 100%.

Is there still a reason Not to do it?