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A Gas Fired Boiler or Appliance with
A Sidel Flue Gas Condensing Economizer Will:

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Increase profits by
reducing energy costs


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Create water
from the flue gas


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Significantly reduce
2 emissions

“Do You Want To Save Money, Increase Profits, Reduce Your ‘Carbon Footprint’, And Help Conserve The World’s #1 Natural Resource?”

At Sidel Systems, we know that governments, corporations and organizations of every size want to identify efficient ways to cut costs and improve the bottom line. As a company focused on harnessing energy, we also understand the importance of reducing C02 emissions and conserving water, as well as the many economic, public relations, and environmental benefits from minimizing our carbon footprint. We created the SRU Series Flue Gas Condenser to meet all of these challenges, while supplying the best possible return on investment for our clients. You can count on ultimate value, with the most efficient, trouble-free Flue Gas Condenser system available anywhere – guaranteed – at an honest, fair price.

Our systems retrofit to your existing boiler and furnace equipment, which saves you money while boosting energy efficiency.

We invite you to review our free, no-obligation information packet that explains how Sidel Systems Condensing Economizers work, the benefits of using our products, plus clear examples of how we can save you a lot of money on energy bills. Call founder and CEO Sid Abma at 800.668.5003 to request your complimentary Info Packet. There's no cost or obligation, and it may be the most important call you make this year. Together, we can save money for your organization, increase your profits, and make the world a better place to live. Thanks for visiting us.
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Our Iron-Clad Guarantee: “You Will Be 100% Satisfied With The Money Saved, C02 Emissions Reduced, Water Conserved, And Exceptional Service, Or We’ll Buy Your Unit Back From You - Period.” - Sid Abma